Ray's Approach to Life & Career Coaching

As your coach, my mission is to assist you in finding where your skills and competencies intersect with what your world needs from you. I help you:

  • Define perspective on the opportunities your life’s roles present.
  • Check your responses to situations and your choices in them.
  • Guide you as you seek change, growth or new discoveries in life.
  • Succeed during your transitional periods; e.g. changes in your job or career, business endeavors, enhancing family ties and developing and strengthening relationships.
  • Tap your intellectual, emotional and creative resources for answers to life’s hard questions.

We all possess the necessary tools for success in this world, but often struggle to materialize our full potential in our daily activities. Life’s difficulties are well within our control when we identify and capitalize on the strengths we already possess, and learn to anticipate and respond to new situations. Often, all we need is a second perspective to us help us contextualize our struggles and approach situations in new and innovative ways.

Ray Rife Coaching and Consulting of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, will assist you in developing the strengths you already possess by cultivating the traits advantageous to your success, while learning to identify and overcome the tendencies that derail your efforts.

As your personal life and career-coaching consultant, Ray Rife will lead you through a personal inventory and path of self-discovery in order to develop the interpersonal and career skills needed for a rich, fulfilling future of prosperity and happiness.