About Ray Rife Coaching & Consulting

What I perceive as my world’s greatest need is also what I need most to be and to do. Here is what I strive to offer my clients:

  • An assistant to persons searching for answers on their life’s journey.
  • A listener to the challenges they face.
  • An objective observer of the opportunities open to them.
  • An assistant to them in setting goals and aspirations to seize their opportunities.
  • A proponent of accountability if/when they sabotage their efforts to succeed.
  • A Co-Celebrant for the successes they achieve.

When we arrive at a crossroads in life, we often find ourselves in need of an objective voice to offer support and new perspectives on the challenges we face. A personal life and career coach’s role is to lead our thinking in accordance with our strengths, and to offer encouragement and put us back on the track to success when we falter.

Ray Rife Coaching and Consulting of Jenkintown Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia, has assisted countless clients, from executives to clergy members, in developing a sound personal inventory in order to overcome the challenges they face. When considering potentially life-changing decisions, a reliable and trustworthy support system is critical, so we may enter our new responsibilities with confidence and composure.

Take a moment to explore the wealth of resources and important questions that need to be asked when making important decisions, and then contact us today to schedule a consultation and ensure you take full advantage of the opportunities available to you.

For information on Ray’s academic background, visit his LinkedIn profile.