Career Coaching & Consulting in Philadelphia

Choosing and building a career can be a complicated and stressful pursuit muddled with mixed emotions. Whether you have lost sight of the goals in your current career, have recently switched jobs or are searching for fulfillment in your job, career coaching can help you put the pieces together.

Fifteen years of experience working as a psychotherapist and ten as a life coach have provided me with effective, practiced strategies to assist clients find new perspectives, realize options and make discoveries about their work and life. An objective assessment of your skills as well as an inward search of your passions and motivations provide an emerging pathway towards fulfillment and happiness in your work.

Working together we will develop a plan to meet your goals and fulfill your passions. I strive to empower clients to identify new possibilities and unique outlooks for their career aspirations.

Take advantage of my expertise to find fulfillment and self-realization about your crucial career decisions. For business and career coaching contact Ray Rife Coaching.