Life Transitions Counseling in Philadelphia PA

Have you lost your passion, whether for your location, relationships, or your career path?  Are you transitioning into a new job or into retirement?  Are you looking for new and more challenging horizons?  These changes often lead to lifestyle shifts and strange, unfamiliar territory that can cause unease.

Life transitions in work and personal relationships are both exciting and stressful. When not approached with intention and commitment, transitions lead to doubt, uncertainty, fear and, ultimately, unhappiness.

As a Life Transitions Coach, I work with you to smooth the path during difficult transitions. With over twenty-five years of experience in helping people make these transitions, I help you mitigate their uncertainties. Together, we find new balance in your adaptations to the changes you encounter. Together, we work on identifying and implementing tools to face your bright, unknown horizons with fulfillment and excitement.

By providing a supportive environment, we evaluate your situation, clarify the skills you need for the transition.  You gain new perspectives on your transition guiding you to align your goals with self-assurance.  With my help, clients pursue their transitions with confidence.

Contact Ray Rife Coaching about the transition you are experiencing and we can schedule a meeting to discuss the options before you.